Susan W. Wenzel

Clinical Sexologist, Relationship Expert & Certified Sex-Therapist


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My clients leave my office feeling understood, respected, empowered, hopeful & challenged to make changes that will bring healing and restoration in their lives. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, suicide, relational conflicts or lacking “spark” in your marriage, I can help you.

Susan Wenzel works in partnership with Riverbend Counselling & Wellness.

Located at 9-1110 Henderson Hwy., Winnipeg.

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Teen Counselling


Depression: Feeling stuck, hopeless, worthless and the other symptoms of depression are not easy for clients to go through. The Therapeutic process will consist of tracking your feelings, thoughts and physical symptoms that could be present during the episode. I will listen to your story with a non-judgemental attitude. It’s not unusual for the person who is depressed to have feelings of shame, guilt and anger. Part of our work with you is to deal with or eliminate these feelings in order for you to take control of your life. My hope is for you to dream again and do the things you use to enjoy doing.  The treatment plan includes taking small steps by using different techniques to help you feel positive or “happy” again. The event that is causing you to feel depressed might not change but it is possibility of you experiencing the same event in a positive lens. This will occurs when you begin to feels differently about yourself and your surroundings. You will discover your strengths in these situations. My commitment to you is to help you come to this point.

Counselling process consists of helping in these areas and more:
Relational conflict
Bullying issues.
Teen pregnancy
Step parenting/foster care
Eating disorder
Conduct disorder
Run aways
Parent vs teen conflict