Susan W. Wenzel

Clinical Sexologist, Relationship Expert & Certified Sex-Therapist


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My clients leave my office feeling understood, respected, empowered, hopeful & challenged to make changes that will bring healing and restoration in their lives. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, suicide, relational conflicts or lacking “spark” in your marriage, I can help you.

Susan Wenzel works in partnership with Riverbend Counselling & Wellness.

Located at 9-1110 Henderson Hwy., Winnipeg.

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(1) Winnipeg Police Training Academy

(2) Southeast Child and Family Services

(3) Nor'West Community Co-op Health Centre

(4) Providence College

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

I am a Provincial  ASIST trainer through LivingWorks program. ASIST program is most widely used suicide intervention in the world for life-promoting, Life-preserving and Life-protecting. ASIST is a Two-Days -Workshop for training caregivers such as nurses, doctors, teachers, social-workers and community workers to provide suicide first aid intervention. The caregivers  receive intensive  training in suicide prevention and intervention skills to help person at risk.  If Suicide intervention is a need in your community please feel free to call us with any inquiries or to schedule a workshop.

"Research studies in Canada and United States shows that four to five percent of the population have attempted suicide during their lifetime. Also, one in nine persons has seriously considered suicide.” (LivingWorks). This means that 30,000 Canadians and American die of suicide each year.

What: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
Goal: Learn suicide first aid intervention skills
Who: Community and professional caregivers
Two consecutive days
By: Minimum 2 trainers to 30 participants
Uses: Workbook, handbook, wallet card, certificate and stickers


Downloadable PDF

ASIST Workshop



safeTALK Workshop:

Participants learn how easily suicide can be missed, dismissed or avoided. They also learn how easily they can start a life saving process by identify person thoughts of suicide and connecting them to suicide first aid helping resources within the community. You will leave this workshop feeling comfortable to listen, ask, tell and keep the person at risk  safe.


Workshop: safeTALK
What: Suicide alertness training
Goal: Learn how to activate a suicide alert
Who: Everyone who want to help within a community (Age 15 and above)
Time: 3 hours in duration
By: One presenter upto 30 participants
Uses: Workbook, wallet card, certificate and stickers.


Downloadable PDF

safeTALK Workshop


Immigrants & refugees


Support Groups for Immigrants and Refugees families. All our workshops are open to the community

(A) Multicultural Parenting Classes : Interactive Sessions; Level 1 & Level 2

(1) Hugh John MacDonald Junior High School  (January  to Feb, 2013)

(2)Gordon Bell High School  (January & Feb 2013)


Parenting Classes 2013: (Open to the community)

(1) Hugh John MacDonald Junior High School

Contact person: Elizabeth  Martim, 786-5631 or Batista Kwajok

Fee: FREE !!! Sponsored by Manitoba School Improvement Program (MSIP) through "The Peaceful Village"

Starting Time: 4:30-7:00pm (free Supper and childcare provided)

Starting Date: January , 2013, (Every Friday for a period of 8 weeks)

Participant: Not more than 30.


What to expect during the 8 week parenting sessions:

I will not approach this topic as an expert in parenting but rather as a facilitator to provide you with a variety of materials on parenting skills and styles and let you decide on which skills to incorporate into your current style. I will encourage you to evaluate your parenting skills, strengths and the role you play in your child life. Through group sharing your will discover your values, beliefs and altitudes that you have toward parenting. Just by knowing your attitudes and feelings about parenting, this can be a empowering tool of awareness. Remember, your parenting experiences are invaluable and
I encourage you to share those experiences with us in the class and also be open to learn from other parent’s experiences as well.

(B) Anger Management Sessions

(1) Junior high students  (2013); Meeting at Ushindi Counselling 368 Edmonton Street; 2rd floor.


(C) Women's Support Group:

(1) Hugh John MacDonald Junior High School

(D) Men's Support Group: New comers men's support group

(E) Grief & Loss Support Group

(F) Street Smart Workshops- Teens & Adults



Suicide Talk

“Suicide TALK is a 1.5 to 2 hour exploration in suicide awareness. It is organized around the question, "Should we talk about suicide?" It provides a structure in which session members can safely explore some of the most challenging attitudinal issues about suicide, and encourages every member to
find a part that they can play in preventing suicide”. (LivingWorks)