Susan W. Wenzel

Clinical Sexologist, Relationship Expert & Certified Sex-Therapist


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My clients leave my office feeling understood, respected, empowered, hopeful & challenged to make changes that will bring healing and restoration in their lives. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, suicide, relational conflicts or lacking “spark” in your marriage, I can help you.

Susan Wenzel works in partnership with Riverbend Counselling & Wellness.

Located at 9-1110 Henderson Hwy., Winnipeg.

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Individual, Couple & Family Counselling

Welcome to Ushindi Counselling, Susan Wenzel's private practice on sex and relationships. Ushindi is a Swahili word which means “to overcome” or “recovery from a challenging situation”. Susan Wenzel is a Clinical Sexologist, a Psychotherapist, Relationships expert, and Certified Sex-Therapist.

Susan’s office is a safe, space for her clients to explore ways of coping and recovering from mental health illnesses, sexual dysfunction, relationship conflicts, emotional disconnection and challenges with intimacy. She strives to enhance relationships and sexual intimacy of all her clients, believing that couples and individuals have the capacity to satisfying and fulfilling lives. Susan’s clients leave her office feeling understood, respected, empowered, hopeful and challenged to make changes that will enhance personal growth and bring restoration to their relationships.

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, suicide, sexual concerns, and relational conflicts or simply lacking “spark” in your marriage, Susan can help you.

AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist and Relationship Expert 

Treatment specialization for Sex-Therapy:

- Low sexual desires /discrepancies

- Trouble reaching orgasm (Anorgasmia) 

-Early ejaculation (Premature ejaculation), erectile dysfunction

- Low libido female/male

- Sexual Performance anxiety

- Hypo or hyper sexual desire (pornography)

- When sex hurt (Vaginismus)

- Closeness and pleasure

- Erotic exercises that will bring back passion to your sex-life.

- Sex and Aging

- Spirituality and sexuality

- coaching on dating

- and more

Treatment specialization for relationships issues

- Lack of Intimacy and emotional bonding with your partner

- Feeling emotionally disconnected with your partner

- Lacking positive ways of communicating and resolving conflicts

- Recovering from emotional and sexual affairs

-Healing from emotional injury in order to feel safe with your partner

- Family and childhood related issues

Treatment specialization for psychotherapist consist of;

- Coping with fear, anxiety/depression and other mental health illness.

-Therapeutic treatment for self-esteem and body image

- Recovering from past and present traumatic experiences ( PTSD)

- Anger and Stress management

-Helping you deal with  grief and Loss

- Creating awareness and treatment for self-harm and addictive behaviors

- Helping you deal with guilt/shame

-Healing from sexual and physical abuse.


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Professional Member: American Counseling Association